Hi, my name is Dr. Michael and I'm a recovering type-A workaholic.

My story stems from my identity being rooted in performance, intelligence, and the desire for a better quality of life.

The quick version: it all came to a crashing head at the pinnacle of what the world would define as success.  I was in my 20's making six-figures as a school principal (yes, in my 20's!) but my health, relationships, and spiritual life were completely out of order.

Then God changed it.

I began a journey of renewing my mind and my worldview of what it looked like to choose Jesus in every facet of my life.  From being a son of God to a husband, father, friend, and minister/worker, I have come to lay down my life and choose Him in it all.

Now I teach about choosing Jesus through speaking, my podcast with my wife, The Faith and Family Podcast, and writing books and curriculum.  Most importantly, I am a child of God and a family man who is working daily to leave an intentional legacy for those coming behind me.