Taking the Cape Off

The fine line between testing God and following God is found in our cape.

"Jesus answered him, 'It is also written: 'Do not put the Lord your God to the test.' ' "
-Matthew 4:7

I love the confidence of others when they're ablaze for something they feel God is calling them to.  It's contagious.  I just want to cheer them on and watch God get the glory.

But something is happening too often and I can't sit idle and watch it continue.  It's going to sting, because I've been guilty of this myself, but we need to face it and remove it.

It's the cape we wear when we're jumping into something that we aren't actually called to, but want God to bless.

We've all seen it.  We think up this miraculous plan and (mis)quote Scripture, like Philipians 4:13 and Matthew 7:7, then jump.

If God be for us, who can be against us, after all?

Well, God, for one.

God is not a genie who is granting you your wishes. (I told you this would hurt.)

We're quick to encourage each other in this foolishness, too.  "Don't let anyone tell you that you can't do it!"

In pride, we proceed forward.  But the real question is: did God call you to do it?

We confuse trying to be impressive by jumping, expecting God to bless it, with God's actual perfect plan.

Maybe He has given you the vision.  But maybe it isn't time to bring it to fruition.  The Bible is full of these historical accounts.  It's in His nature to prepare.

Maybe it isn't His vision, but a really great idea you thought of.

Or maybe it is His will and for this season.

But can I encourage you to take the cape off?  Take off the pride and self-dependency?

Replace it with humility to let Him guide you.

We can (mis)quote Scripture all day, but that's exactly how Satan tempted Jesus 3 times.  And what was Jesus's response?  Correctly teaching from Scripture.  Reframing the context to align with the Father's heart.

Yes, He is for us.  Yes, He has plans for us.  But not for our own selfish gain, pride, or lifting up.

No, it's so that we can glorify and point to Him.

So rest, my friend.  Let Jesus guide your next steps.