The Catch-22 of Purpose

Chasing purpose can become an idol, but done right it's a way to worship and glorify Jesus.


The following is a post I made in a Facebook group I'm in for digital entrepreneurs:

Not everything is about your purpose.

Yes, this coming from the author of Do Meaningful Work.

But let me clarify and give you hope:

It is selfish for us to think that we always deserve to be chasing our purpose, never facing adversity, always victorious and winning, never struggling or fighting.

It's selfish. We think we should 'get it' in our mindset and then walk in it.

It's selfish.

God has His own purpose, you know. And His purpose supersedes any call on our lives, because the call (purpose) on our lives is a role within His purpose. His purpose includes every person who has ever existed and ever will. His purpose includes the intricacies of our individual purposes bumping against other's purposes.

He shapes hearts. He permits things to happen.

So when you become aware that He loves you and He has a purpose for you, do not think that it means you walk in it without failure and only in joy.

Do not think it means you will quit your job within 1 year. Do not think it means you will 'arrive' effortlessly. And most importantly, do not think it's all about you. Do not get so focused on your own purpose that it's all that matters. It becomes an idol. God's role diminished to how He is going to elevate you, when really we are called to elevate Him.

Don't fall into the trap of selfishness. Find your purpose as a way to glorify Him. That is all.