Deep, Not Wide

The jack-of-all-trades is out.  Depth is in.

He reveals deep and hidden things;
    he knows what lies in darkness,
    and light dwells with him.
-Daniel 2:22

I sat across the table from a mentor of mine at a Starbucks on a Saturday morning.  Neither of us were drinking coffee that day; I brought a peppermint tea in a glass Starbucks cup and she ordered a tea from the counter.

Our conversation was a tough one.  She cares a lot about me and saw some things she needed to address in love; things that I had blindspots for and couldn't see needed correcting.

One thing that she said resonated hard.  When she said this, I instantly received it.  I knew it was truth for me to hear that Saturday morning.

She said, "Michael, you're so, so good at so many things.  I mean, really good.  You're just bright and you get things quickly (as she snaps her fingers).  But it's surface level.  It's never depth because depth takes time.  It takes investment. You have to camp there. Michael, God isn't calling you to surface level in many things, but depth in His plan for you.  You need to go deep, not wide."


It was a compliment, and true - I mastered things easily, I could teach what I mastered easily, and I was a sort of jack-of-all-trades.  What she didn't know, though, was that it was rooted in performance.  I thrived for the approval, the thank-you's, the "you're a lifesaver!" from others because I could solve their problems; I could be useful.  And when I mastered one thing and exhausted it to whoever I knew needed it, I needed to find another thing to add to my arsenal so I could keep the approval coming.

The other thing she didn't know was God had been convicting me for quite some time that I had to stop chasing this approval addiction and focus on what He had for me.  To go deep into His Word, become intimate with it on a level I hadn't in Bible college and seminary.  To prepare for what He has created me to do.

Hearing those words was almost a relief.  It was a loving conviction - a prophetic word.

Maybe you've felt the same way.  Maybe you're spread wide, but maybe not.  Maybe you're just avoiding the depth God is calling you to because you're afraid, or feel inadequate, or are comfortable in whatever you're sitting in.

Can I challenge you to lean in to what God is calling you to?  I'm not very far ahead, but I can say this journey is already leaps and bounds better than what I imagined.  The depth of relationship from obedience is worth it alone.