Rahab, Faithful Mother

Rahab just messed up my entire study time the other morning.


// "Salmon the father of Boaz, whose mother was Rahab" -Matthew 1:5 //

This is an excerpt from a Facebook post I made this past week.  Check after for some extra thoughts:

Rahab just messed up my entire study time this morning.
A prostitute who feared God, not because she was evangelized to, but because she heard of His works going before the Israelite's and recognized sovereignty when it was true.
Joshua 6:25 - grafted in as an Israelite because her life was changed. That grace wrecked her when only her and her family were spared at Jericho.
Matthew 1:5 - a great Grandma to Jesus, Solomon, and David. Used by God. Catch that. Not just accepted as a member of the church, but her egg held the DNA for Jesus. A prostitute.
Now here is where I fell out:
Every single Christian woman I know wants her Boaz. This epitome of a good man.
Rahab was his mama. She birthed him. She raised him. She knew how to raise a man that would treat Ruth right and be that man other women desire.
A prostitute raised a great man.
Y'all better stop playing about who God uses and how messy our stories can be. Your comfort zone is not God's boundaries.
Use me, Lord

I'd heard the story of Rahab, and even that she became an Israelite and was a part of Jesus's lineage.  That part isn't what messed me up.  It was when I noticed that, in Jesus's lineage, she was Boaz's mother.

What a story of redemption.  Seriously.

To go from a prostitute, someone who didn't walk in her full value, to a woman who not only walked in her value but was strong and healed to raise a great future man and husband?

That has redemption all over it.

And if God can use a prostitute to bring forth His Son, then surely He can use me with the junk I've done and the mess done to me and use me to point to Him.

He can use you.

He chooses to use me and you.  Not just that He can choose us, but He desires to.  He wants us.  He sees us without our mess.  He sees the beautiful creation He made, as He intended.

Will you see yourself the same way and move forward in His call for you?