Do Meaningful Work:
The Journey of Being Before Doing

Are you tired of doing work that isn't fulfilling, isn't contributing to the world, and is draining you of your joy?

What if work became less about doing and more about being?  If you have grown tired of doing work that feels like existing without fulfillment, I invite you to allow Do Meaningful Work to become the beginning of your journey towards loving your career and loving your life!

This isn't another hoorah motivation book.  This is a new way of thinking - a framework to find your identity, chase your purpose, and do your meaningful work.

So are you ready?  Because once you read this, your work won't be the same.

Do Meaningful Work: Participant's Guide

This accompaniment to Do Meaningful Work takes you on an 8 week journey through Scripture and tough questions to ensure you're viewing your work in light of how God has crafted you.  This guide can be used individually or in a small group/Bible study setting.