Our goal is that you would hold fast (cleave, overtake, abide, be joined) as Genesis 2:24 calls us to as we are no longer individuals but one couple on a mission for God.

1 year. for a lifetime.

Hold Fast is a 12 month journey through core considerations as you enter this season of becoming one. While this was written as a pre-marital discipleship curriculum, many married couples who were in a rut have found success in walking through this curriculum as well.

So whether you are engaged, thinking of becoming engaged, or already married, we desire for this curriculum to be for your benefit.


These modules are not to be taken as all inclusive to a successful marriage, but certainly in our wisdom they are primary and will set a strong foundation. Below are the topics you will cover:

Session 1: Introduction

Session 2: Being Fully Known

Session 3: Identity

Session 4: Being a Husband, Being a Wife

Session 5: Communication

Session 6: Sex

Session 7: Children

Session 8: Boundaries

Session 9: Finances

Session 10: Time

Session 11: Career

Session 12: Eternal Perspective

Session 13: Graduation

These topics are intentionally mapped as you begin with your individual identity in Christ, then move to becoming one as husband and wife, then to parenthood, then others in your life, then things, and finally closing with keeping all of this in an eternal perspective.


This curated curriculum was made for the intended purposes of discipleship, meaning that you walk through this with a couple who is farther in their marriage than you who can also do the same assignments, meet once per month, and pour into you with wisdom and the love of Jesus. But we must strongly recommend that you walk through it in discipleship with another couple, because it really matters. If you have any questions, please reach out to us.