My Ministry

Hi, my name is Michael and I'm a recovering type-A workaholic.

My story stems from my acceptance being rooted in performance, intelligence, and the desire for a better quality of life.

The quick version: it all came to a crashing head at the pinnacle of what the world would define as success.  I was in my 20's making six-figures as a school principal (yes, in my 20's!) but my health, relationships, and spiritual life were completely out of order.

Then God changed it.

I began a journey of renewing my mind and my worldview of work in light of my faith.  Jesus led me to practice proper work-life balance and order as a husband, father, minister, friend, and worker.

Now I write and speak on the intersection of work and faith because of my own testimony.  Because of our culture which encourages 24/7 grinding and performance as identity.  Because of people answering 'what do you do' when they first meet with their career, not their identity in Christ.

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Do Meaningful Work

Are you tired of doing work that isn't fulfilling, isn't contributing to the world, and is draining you of your joy?


What if work became less about doing and more about being?  If you have grown tired of doing work that feels like existing without fulfillment, I invite you to allow Do Meaningful Work to become the beginning of your journey towards loving your career and loving your life!

This isn't another hoorah motivation book.  This is a new way of thinking - a framework to find your identity, chase your purpose, and do your meaningful work.

So are you ready?  Because once you read this, your work won't be the same.

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As a minister and former teacher, principal, and training director, I've spoken to all ages across multiple continents.

I get that the speaker makes or breaks any event, and my goal is to always knock it out of the park for you.

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  • An introductory call where we begin discussing your event, goals, and audience.  My goal is to tailor my message to your audience.
  • An agreement on deliverables leading up to the event to include co-marketing, presentation format, and material submissions.  My goal is clear communication so we succeed together.
  • An engaging and tailored delivery at the event.  My goal is to create an experience that sticks with your audience so your event is positive and memorable.
  • Immediate follow-up for wins and feedback post-event.  My goal is to be invited back and to continuously improve in my delivery.
  • Throughout the entire process, my team and I will deliver personal, prompt, and direct attention.

Popular Topics

Any of the following topics can be presented as a Keynote or full-day Workshop with activities to enhance learner retention:


Too many people feel stuck in their work.  What if they discovered they were made for so much more?

In this talk, participants will learn how to:

  • Find their Identity
  • Chase their Purpose
  • Do Meaningful Work


In a world of technology taking over relationships, how do we keep vibrant relationships in our life? 

In this talk, participants will learn how to:

  • Define the three levels of influence
  • Assess gaps in their circle of influence
  • Fill their tribe with intentional relationships


You've been deceived to only see Faith as a Sunday thing.  If your faith truly permeates your entire life, your work is no exception.

In this talk, participants will learn how to:

  • Discover their God-given bent and how it relates to their work
  • The reality of pulpit vs. marketplace ministry
  • Find peace and joy in their work

Are You Ready?

I'd love to discuss your event and how we can partner. E-mail my team and I to begin the conversation.