What is this content crew?

Look.  After just 6 months of running my own digital business, I saw too many coaches and strategists teaching wack information.  They themselves found income and notoriety online and it worked, don't get me wrong, but just because someone can lead you to water doesn't mean it's the best way.

After all, the Israelites spent 40 years walking around that mountain before they entered the promised land.

With my background in curriculum and global online and live training, I knew a thing or two that I could teach to make things simpler, quicker, and just flat out better to the entrepreneurs I was meeting.

And you know what? They loved it.

The Content Crew was born.

Now, The Content Crew is my free Facebook community for all sales funnel and content creation genius I provide.

And that demand?  It evolved into my offerings below.



Check it.  Before you can work, we need to be on the same exact page about sales funnels and content.  I don't care what you've been taught before, almost every single genius I work with has never been taught the way I work.

They have those brilliant 'a-ha' moments when they start with me.

So I need you to have those same lightbulbs going off in your head.

How? Start here:


Let's get to work!

Once you understand how I work sales funnels with my clients, you can benefit from my offerings in the best way.  I have 3 ways that you can work with me:

1. Sales Funnel Audit: $297

My Sales Funnel Audit includes a preliminary intake packet that surveys your business goals, ideal client, zone of genius, and sales funnel/product landscape.  After I receive this from you, we schedule a 1 hour call where I share the findings of my audit and provide clear feedback on how to move your business forward.

2. VIP Day: $1,500

VIP Day includes a 6 hour day where we cover your business goals, ideal client, zone of genius, and sales funnel/product landscape.  At the end of our time together we will have a 90 Day Action Plan.  I'm all about implementation, so we will follow up with a 1 hour call around 30, 60, and 90 days after your VIP Day to discuss your progress on benchmarks and answer any further questions.

3. VIP Day+: $3,000

Are you really to have your business in full-on mode?  VIP Day+ includes everything in the VIP Day, but rather than just 3 follow up meetings you have 12 weekly 1-hour calls to explicitly review metrics and implementation.

Ready to book?
Schedule your 30 minute strategy call
for $100 to discuss your needs
and the fee will be credited
towards your package.